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Horizon Zero Dawn Day One Patch: No Substantial Content Included, Says Guerilla Games [Updated]

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Horizon Zero Dawn Day One Patch
Official Horizon Zero Dawn media image courtesy of Guerilla Games

Having a possible Horizon Zero Dawn day one patch will not be worrisome for gamers who want to play Sony’s PS4 exclusive game as soon as possible. Developer Guerilla Games has recently confirmed that the studio avoided adding substantial new features as well as graphics improvements before the game went gold.

No Large Additions

According to Guerilla Games’ lead concept artist Roland Ijzermans, the studio never planned to include a day one patch. The technical director of Horizon Zero Dawn also set a hard deadline on exactly when the whole team should stop making game additions and improvements, Ijzermans said. This was done in order to polish the game as much as possible before the gold master disks were produced.

“Our goal has been to put the entire game and all of its content onto the gold master disk,” Ijzermans said during a media interview at Makati, Philippines. “We have never said we’ll finish that later and put that in the day one patch,” he added.

“Our technical director made a very strong efforts saying ‘ok this is when we cut the line. No more. This time, what’s not in there is not in there…. day one patch will not have art, will not have anything but gold fixes or things that break the gameplay.”

The BitBag also managed to play the first few chapters of Horizon Zero Dawn’s final build. Based on my playthrough, there were no noticeable bugs and issues. The graphics also looked superb throughout and the frame-rate also seems to be locked at 30fps most of the time.

16GB Horizon Zero Dawn Day One Patch?

Update 3: Guerilla Games recently confirmed a day one patch. Details regarding the patch will be released once Horizon Zero Dawn launches, Guerilla Games said on Twitter.

Update 2: Game Director Mathis de Jonge has recently quashed rumors about the 16GB day one patch. On Twitter, Jonge said the 16GB file size is only for the game installation on the console’s hard drive.

Update 1: The NeoGAF user has pointed out that he is unsure if there was a day one patch. “It said Version 1.00 as it installed the 16 gigs,” he said. “Not sure if it was a patch or just a mandatory install. Wouldn’t the patch be 1.01?”

Original story: It’s still unknown if Guerilla Games will eventually spot more bugs and decide to release a day one patch. Just recently however, a few reports surfaced online citing a NeoGAF user who managed to secure an early copy of the game. NeoGAF user Musician655321 said the game has a 16GB day one patch. “Disc is in. 16 gig install immediately. Gimme like 15 mins,” he said.

The NeoGAF user also stated that the easy mode and very hard mode are available at the start of the game. This information regarding the difficulty options is true based on the final build the media was allowed to play in the Philippines. What’s worth noting though is that the full file size of the game is 45GB, NeoGAF user Kenzodielocke previously said.

Guerilla Games has yet to comment regarding the leaked 16GB day one patch information. It’s still unconfirmed if the 16GB is indeed a day one patch or the required install file in order to play the opening sections of the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn releases on February 28 for the PS4. For more details about Horizon Zero Dawn, keep it right here on The BitBag.

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