Hope Solo Zika Jeers Escalate at Rio Olympics 2016

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USA beats France 1-0 at the Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte. The bigger news though was that Hope Solo Zika jeers went to another level that game. Whenever Hope Solo, the superstar goalkeeper, touches the ball, the crowd cried ?Zika?.

Leading up to the Rio Olympics 2016, Hope Solo has been vocal about her Zika fears. She is vocal enough to have shown her Zika-prevention preparations on social media.

Not sharing this!!! Get your own! #zikaproof #RoadToRio

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The photo above is pretty comical however a lot of people did not appreciate it especially the Brazilian crowd. On the other hand, the photo below is a little too excessive. This could mean bad publicity for Rio and for the Olympics as it implies that the Zika problem is that bad.

If anyone in the village forgets to pack repellent, come and see me…#DeptOfDefense #zikaproof

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The Zika virus, according to health officials, cause microenphaly in newborn babies. Hope Solo, according to USA Today, has admitted that she wants to have children with her husband Jerramy Stevens, a former professional football player in the NFL. This is a legitimate concern but many believe that her posts and the way she speaks about it blows the Zika situation out of proportion.

The Zika jeers started when USA played against New Zealand in its opening game winning 2-0. The chants only began midway through the match as the USA team had much of the possession on that night. But when Hope Solo touches the ball, Zika chants fill the stadium.

But in the game against France, Zika chants were more frequent as Hope Solo got to touch more of the ball. Hope Solo, though, looked unfazed by the jeers and even manage to pull of a fingertip save against a shot at the 17th minute mark by Wendie Renard, the French captain.

It looks like this trend will continue and Hope Solo will have to deal with the chants. Would it affect her later on? Is this ?mass bullying? a sign of bad sportsmanship? Leave your comments below.


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