For Honor PC Version Lacks ‘Awesome’ Split-Screen Feature, Says Game Director

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For Honor

Recently, For Honor?s designer Jason VandenBerghe confirmed in an E3 interview that the splitscreen feature won?t be available in the game?s PC version. For Honor is a Ubisoft medieval warfare multiplayer which will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Here?s the Rocket Beans TV interview about the game.

According to VandenBerghe in the interview, For Honor PC will technically be the same game as the console versions but without the splitscreen feature. Usually, the keyboard and mouse setups prevent splitscreen features as the key bindings for the game?s basic and special controls only allow one player to use it. PC players often use online or local area network connections for multiplayer games .anyway

The interview confirms that the splitscreen buddies could access the online multiplayer mode to co-op or fight in different teams. In most games, two-player splitscreen mode usually limits the two players to play locally and denying them access of playing online. VandenBerghe said that this option was to provide a ?personal? feel for splitscreen friends playing near each other and share the gaming experience in real time. However, the splitscreen multiplayer feature is also a possible avenue for cheating or collusion.

Screen cheating or looking at your opponent?s screen allows you to see your buddy?s position on the map and also enables you to spy on the other team?s important objectives, proficient players, and chokepoints. Unless Ubisoft designed this game to minimize rewards for screen cheating and relying on mechanical skill in battles, screen cheating may be alright if you just plan on annoying your buddy for fun.

This problem is entirely flipped when playing splitscreen co-op as you can instinctively rush to your ally?s position to help him against a foe or support him in using a tool without the need for constant chatting.

For Honor will be one of the current-generation AAA games with the splitscreen feature, but it still shares the same competitive vein with first-person shooters, so it may not be as accessible to play with your casual gaming friends. Ubisoft?s For Honor will be released on February 14, 2017 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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