For Honor Closed Alpha to Feature Three Maps, New Heroes

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For Honor?s closed alpha is set to feature three playable maps and new heroes to play! Swordplay has been an interesting video game dynamic in different gaming genres. Heck, even in real life, there are a good number of sword wielding lovers out there who get their steel fix from games every once and awhile.

Many games have brought great advancements in sword play through the years. Kingdom Hearts? fast and moderate slash and skill tempo, and the Elder Scroll?s first person wielding view are a notable mention. The question now is, will For Honor bring something new to the table or will be drowned out by the sea of already great titles out there?

At a glance, For Honor looks set to take sword gameplay to a more serious dimension. What?s interesting though is that it doesn?t become too realistic that it joins the pool of simulated games.



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In other words, the sword fight dynamic is realistic enough and more importantly, it?s pretty fun.

Gameplay needs sharp timing, positioning, and skill. Different characters have their own skill that sets that range from slashes, stabs, and even grapples. The same goes for enemies.

Ubisoft shares that the players will be able to use three playable factions. The Samurai, Knight, and Viking. Among the playable heroes, the Conqueror and Berseker have been newly revealed.

New Heroes, Weapons, Modes, Maps, and More

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All the Heroes will have their own unique skills, weapons, armor, and fighting style. Not to mention, each one will have a wide customization option as well.

The closed alpha will introduce the progression system of the game. Players will be able to unlock new weapons, armors, abilities, and visual customizations.

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Five multiplayer modes will be available. A 1 vs 1 Duel mode, 2 vs 2 Brawl Mode, and 4 vs 4 Dominion mode. The game modes will be available on different maps. Closed alpha will begin on September 15 and will end on September 18.

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