The New Generation of Honda Civic

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Honda Civic, the line of compact cars made and manufactured by Honda, has evolved throughout the ages. Having gone through generational changes, the Civic has become larger and more upmarket. The newest model is recently released.

Let us take a quick look on the features of the latest model.

The Looks

The new 2014 Civic model has an exterior that is akin to Accord. The front end clearly resembles the Accord?s face. It also has a chrome finishing bar in back and new Accord-like rear bumper design. It has integrated fog lamps for the upper trims and new clear-lens cornering lamps.

The current Civic?s body has also been strengthened with more high-strength steel. The side pillars have been upgraded, and thicker windshield and front door glass have been applied. There are more soundproofing for the dash, floor, doors, and rear tray. The exterior looks sophisticated but Honda has not completely redesigned the inside.

The Performance

2014 Honda Civic’s performance is mostly unchanged compared to that of the previous models. Though there are some suspension changes such as firmer springs, a stiffer anti-roll bar, quieter bushings, and quicker steering ratio. It also has 140-horsepower, 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine.

This year?s model is said to be one of the quietest rides in the compact-sedan class in the Civic. This is because there is more soundproofing for the dash, floor, doors, and rear tray.

The Layout

As for the layout, this Civic is at its best with the base audio setup, which has large buttons, an intuitive layout that you can be comfortable with almost right away.

The Price

As to affordability, it is ranked as number 9 out of 41 affordable small cars. The car also comes with a four-cylinder engine and has as a clutch that is easy to use. Reviewers say that that it is very smooth and makes excellent use of the engine?s power. It is rated at a best of 28 mpg city and 39 mpg highway, for a combined 32 mpg. While better numbers could be achieved by adding direct-injection and swapping out the old 5-speed automatic for a CVT.

The Safety Aspect

But the most important aspect that this model has is its improved safety features. Numerous reinforcements are designed so that the Civic will meet strict crash testing procedures, including the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety?s new Top Safety Pick Plus rating. These structural changes, however, add made the car heavier. According to a Honda representative, the updates add as much as 100 lbs.

Generally, the 2014 Civic is truly awesome. Honda should be lauded for its new creation.



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