Homo Superior “Controllers” Hold Secret to HIV Cure

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Homo Superior “Controllers” Hold Secret to HIV Cure


They may not posses optic blast powers, or adamantium claws, or even control the Earth’s magnetic fields. But there are supposedly people among us who are indeed superior in certain ways.

A controversial plan called ?The Immunity Project? claims that there are individuals who have immunity from the HIV virus. Simply put, these ?Controllers? as they are labeled (?Homo Superior? was just my own bit, being a big X-Men fan if you haven’t noticed), can be infected with the HIV virus and never, ever get sick.


This project however holds something more noble than just recognizing these ?immune? individuals. They aim to utilize these people to finally find a cure for HIV.

The Project came out with a ?white paper? explaining the process in which they will attempt to formulate an HIV cure / vaccine. The paper outlines the plan to analyze the blood of these ?controllers? in order to create the HIV cure.

The wonderful thing about this project, aside from the fact that they claim that the vaccine is indeed attainable, is that it will be provided for free to the entire population of the planet.


As expected, the project drew a lot of doubts and negative reactions from the medical community but this has not stopped donors like Microsoft from pledging their support.

Microsoft has supposedly plunked in US$1 Million Dollars to get the project started.

The Immunity Project however has also called upon the support of the public by asking for crowd sourced funds in order to raise an additional US$ 462 Thousand dollars.

The public was a bit skeptical though as the crowd sourced funding target saw itself short of US$ 130 Thousand Dollars with fifteen days left in its campaign. The project eventually reached its target funds by raising US$ 462, 570 Dollars (just 101 % over).


I would have thought that such a noble goal would have attracted more support.

The project, being a non profit group, has teamed up with another non-profit organization, Until There’s a Cure, and Y Combinator, a start up incubator company (described as an American seed accelerator).

The project is headed by its CEO, Dr. Reid Rubsamen, founder of Aradigm, Inc., a pharmaceutical ?delivery? outfit. Aradigm is a specialist company in medications that are inhaled. Dr. Rubsamen envisions that the HIV cure will be administered in this manner.

By studying the blood of the ?controllers? by computer analysis, the project hopes to identify the manner in which the HIV virus is ?attacked by the immune systems of the controllers.

Dr. Rubsamen explains that ?These beneficial targets have been identified by researchers in university laboratories and private industry who have used computer-assisted statistical analysis to essentially reverse engineer the targets on the HIV virus preferred by the controller’s T-cells……We believe that controllers are an important part of moving forward with vaccine development because they are clearly doing something right in defending against?the virus.?


Video: Crowdfunded Free HIV Vaccine / Immunity Project (YouTube)


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