Homework Before Games: How to Control Your Child’s Computer Usage

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How much is too much time online?

Is your kid having a hard time turning off the computer? Does your kid play games on your tablet or smartphone, first thing in the morning or last thing at night? Does he or she forget to do homework?

It is normal for kids to be interested in technology. It is something that gets their attention because it looks new to them. However, parents need to control their children’s computer usage. It is not totally bad for them to be technologically oriented; but if they use these devices on a daily basis, then they need to be disciplined.?Pay attention to how your child acts when the computer or devices are taken away. If he becomes withdrawn, moody, and uncommunicative, it is time to enforce some time limits.


This is a matter parents must all pay attention to because developing children need to develop interpersonal skills while they are young; they certainly cannot do that if they are in front of a computer. Children must be developed socially, emotionally, and even physically. They need play time, not in the cyber world, but in the company of other children.

Need some tips to get your kid away from the computer? We have here some simple but effective ways:

  • Stress homework before play time.?Make your kids know that homework must be done and finished before they watch YouTube videos or play online games.
  • Don’t take away the computer. This always seems like the best solution, but it’s not. This does not implement discipline on your children; it just makes them crave for more computer time. This could even bring depression to some children, especially those who are solid gamers who find enjoyment in computer games. Don’t take the gadgets away; just limit the time of usage.
  • Study with your children. If you help them out with their homework, chances are, your children will be more excited to do it – simply because they are spending time with you.


  • Set a timer. This works well with children because it does not only teach them discipline, but time management as well. Children will finish each task with eagerness, for sure.
  • Have a heart-to-heart talk. If all these tips are not working, try talking to your child. Have a real discussion and set some guidelines.?If the problem continues, see your child?s doctor, the school counselor or a psychologist for advice. Don’t be afraid to get professional help.


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