Homerun Battle 3D – Wilson DeMarini gear and 100+ new items, update released

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14. Centurion

I wanted to let those of you that have Homerun Baseball 3D, Com2uS has sent out word of an update (DLC) available for download.

I am proud to announce that HOMERUN BATTLE 3D has released a new update, version 1.3.0. This is our biggest update yet with over 100 new items, 14 Uniform Packages, and Wilson DeMarini gear!

Video and screens after the break….

The Details:

? Online match-up mode (head-to-head against rivals and friends)

? Three extra modes: Arcade, Training, and Classic modes

? Player customization (Self-ID creation)
   – Body: face, hair, skin, etc.
   – Look: jersey, pants, cleat shoes, glasses, eye patches, etc.
   – Baseball equipments: bats, gloves, helmets, etc.

? iPhone/ iPod Touch optimized control: touch and accelerometer

? Seven types of item balls with different attacking and defending abilities



The Screens:

1. Hero 2. Moonhitter 3. Kung Fu Master 4. Catcher 5. Dark Ninja 6. Football Player 7. Gun Slinger 8. DeMarini CF4 9. DeMarini Voodoo 10. DeMarini M2M 11. Hell's Angels 12. Captain Slugger 13. Bushido Warrior                                     14. Centurion

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