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Homeland Season 6 Spoilers: First Female President Mirroring Hillary Clinton’s ‘Win’?

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Homeland season 6 premiere has been pushed back to early next year, but as early as now, some interesting rumors have already started and one of those is that the installment will focus on a female president-elect who is going through a transition period between Election day and the inauguration.

Showrunner Alex Gansa revealed a couple of weeks ago in front of his show?s For Your Consideration Emmy panel that the upcoming installment of the TV series will feature an inauguration of a new President of the United States. But, he clarified that the gender of the character is yet to be decided. ?Whether the president is male or female, it?s going to be a very interesting character,? said Gansa.

However, in a recent interview with Claire Danes, who is playing the role of Carrie Mathison in the series, the actress revealed that the newly-elect president is going to be a woman, who is adjusting from the Election day and the inauguration.

Danes further shared that the new character is someone who ?challenges norms (and) is a little scary for that reason.? She also told Variety that the president is going to get along with her character really well, which would suggest that Carrie is going to take a governmental position once more in season 6.

Also, the new president will not be 100% mirroring Hillary Clinton, but rather, the character is ?a composite of all the different candidates,? Danes added. Now, speaking of Clinton, there are rumors stating that the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party will have a cameo in Homeland season 6, however, Morning Ledger clarified that there is still no confirmation from the showrunners about the said appearance of Clinton but it is definitely going to be interesting.

Furthermore about Carrie Mathison, she is said to be taking a new job in a foundation that aims to ?provide to Muslims living in the United States,? said a post on Deadline. Carrie will then settle in Brooklyn, where she will adjust again to living in America. With this spoiler, it is now not clear whether or not Carrie would take another governmental position.

It is certain that the only way to get answers to these questions is by watching Homeland season 6, which is going to premiere in January 2017. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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