Home and Away 2016: Zac Cheats, Billie Jilts!

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It?s been months since pictures from VJ and Billie?s wedding made their way onto newspapers, but it?s only know that Australian viewers of Home and Away 2016 get to see what really happened as next week?s episodes finally reveal the fate of VJ and Billie?s relationship.

While viewers in the United Kingdom are still working through episodes where Nate inadvertently discovers Billie?s pregnancy, Australian viewers have already seen how that issue gets resolved and are now seeing the wedding reported on months ago by newspapers.

In synopses on fan site Back to the Bay, it?s revealed that episodes coming at the tail end of next week will show VJ feeling really excited for his upcoming wedding to Billie, while Billie feels otherwise. This looks like it will lead to Billie leaving VJ at the altar, which TheBitBag reported months ago.

It?s yet another complication in an already tumultuous relationship. Not only do VJ and Billie have an age difference, Billie had been lying to VJ for most of their time together. After being sexually assaulted, Billie convinces VJ and everyone else in Summer Bay that the baby is his, even going so far as to manipulate her medical records.


Billie may just end up breaking VJ’s heart.

While all of this is happening, Zac is going through a fidelity crisis as he finds himself being the object of Sam?s indecent proposal, and the follow-up episode has him agonizing whether he ends up telling Leah about it. Secrets, of course, have always lead to trouble for Zac. Hunter and Olivia?s relationship also continues to take hits, as the pressure of exams almost has the couple at a ?breaking point.

But it?s not all deteriorating relationships at the Bay. Also happening in next week?s episodes is Justin continuing to reveal more of his life to Phoebe. Nate and Tori also continue to grow closer. How long any of these lasts is up for debate, however, as these people do live in Summer Bay.

Next week also sees ?the return of characters Bianca and Raffy to Summer Bay, and it?s anyone?s guess what they?ll end up doing now that they are back in the neighborhood. Does their return spell even more trouble and conflict?

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