Home and Away 2016: Who Survives The Plane Crash?

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Anyone watching Home and Away 2016 knows that the residents of Summer Bay are still reeling from the aftershocks of the caravan park explosion and the arrival of the Morgan family. But it looks like they?re about to be hit with another tragedy as the cliffhanger viewers were left with before the Olympic break showed nine characters caught in a plane crash.

Just to refresh everyone?s memory, the Home and Away 2016 cliffhanger saw characters Tori Morgan, Duncan Stewart, Nate Cooper, Leah Patterson-Baker, Billie Ashford, Irene Roberts, Evelyn ?Evie? McGuire and brothers Brody and Mason Morgan board a plane that appears to have been tampered with by the Morgan family nemesis, Spike. The episode ended with the plane crashing, leaving no clue as to who survived it.

Of course, now comes the speculation. Actress Ada Nicodemou, who plays Leah, posted a photo on her Instagram, showing herself covered in cuts. With her is actress Tessa ?de Josselin, who plays Billie, looking much the same way. It would be easy to assume that both survive the crash, but it can only really be confidently said for the character of Billie, as the production has shot scenes of her getting married to VJ — scenes that haven?t been aired yet. There is still every possibility that Leah dies in the crash.

Lynne McGranger, who plays Irene, also posted a photo of herself in the pilot seat of an aircraft, with the foreboding caption, ?Uh oh!! Maybe this is why the plane crashes!! @officialhomeandaway #planecrash #Olympicscliffhanger #whosurvives??? If Irene does end up dying in the crash, it will be a sad end for her, as she had just recently recovered from a terrifying kidnapping ordeal.


Justin Morgan might just be the only one of the family to survive the Olympic break.

Could it be the three Morgans on the plane that will die, then? It?s a possibility, as their deaths would allow the writers to further deepen the characterization of Justin Morgan, the only member of the family to not board the plane. The loss would be heavy for him, especially as the family had only recently started making their presence felt in Summer Bay.

Another possible character that could depart the show due to the plane crash is Evie, who has not only lost people she loves during the caravan park explosion, but also found herself alone after Josh escaped from Summer Bay. The fact that she is being paired with Mason Morgan only makes her death an even more obvious possibility.

Do you agree with our speculations? Who do you think will live to see another day in Summer Bay? For more Home and Away 2016 spoilers, news, and updates, keep it here on TheBitBag!

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