Home and Away 2016: Summer Bay Mourns The Dead

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Home and Away 2016 viewers in Australia may have already had the time to process and move on from the disastrous caravan park explosion, but viewers in the United Kingdom are still processing the loss suffered by the residents of Summer Bay. Episodes set to air in the UK in the coming week tackle the repercussions stemming from the life-changing event.

With Hannah and Oscar dead from the explosion, Digital Spy reports that Summer Bay has come together to mourn for them. While Zac tries his best to keep it together for his family, Evelyn ends up breaking down when she tries to leave a rose on Hannah and Oscar?s coffin, prompting Josh to hold her in his arms.

Tank, meanwhile, has taken it upon himself to shoulder all the blame for the caravan park explosion, even if it was the result of a scuffle between him and Andy. Alf makes sure that Greg is aware of Tank?s involvement in the incident, and Zac confronts Tank for his role in the tragedy, promising that Tank will pay for what he?s done.

The caravan park explosion also spurs Evelyn to ask Josh to marry her, and Digital Spy says that the episode after Oscar and Hannah?s funeral sees the pair trying to get married in secret. However, Leah and Zac stop the pair in the middle of taking their vows, saying that ?If they marry now, their wedding day will be forever tainted with the grief gripping them.? While Evelyn and Josh forego the wedding, it does lead to another breakdown from Evelyn, who confesses her despair at ?losing her chance to have her brother walk her down the aisle.?

Meanwhile, Tank is stubbornly refusing to confess to Andy?s part in the caravan park explosion, choosing instead to fully take the blame. This prompts Greg to approach Andy and pleads with him to share anything he knows about the explosion to the police. Racked with guilt, Andy heads to the police station to share his part in the accident. Elsewhere, VJ finds himself slowly falling for Billie.

Of course, all of this sets up future events down the line — Andy?s return to criminality, Billie?s jilting of VJ, and even Roo?s eventual overdose. Keep it here if you want to keep abreast of Home and Away 2016 spoilers, news, and updates!

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