Home and Away 2016: More Summer Bay Drama In Australia And The UK!

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Home and Away 2016 is heading towards an Olympic break in Australia, but that doesn?t mean that the drama is set to slow down any sooner. If anything, events in Summer Bay are barreling towards an Olympic cliffhanger that?s sure to keep Australian viewers hanging until the show returns.

Meanwhile, Home and Away viewers in the United Kingdom delves further into the kidnapping of Irene, as well as the deepening roots that the Morgan family are making in Summer Bay and how that complicates the lives of the rest of its residents.

Events that are set to ?be seen by Australian viewers in the coming week, as well as those to be seen by viewers in the UK two weeks from now, can be seen in synopses posted by Back to the Bay. Upcoming episodes to air in Australia on Monday and Tuesday, for instance, build on the revelations made about the Morgan family.

In an episode set to air Monday, Justin and Phoebe find themselves looking for ?the book? after facing threats from Spike, who had already previously threatened the safety of the Morgan family. In previous episodes, Spike had not only drugged Nate, but had attacked and held Tori hostage while the Morgan family were preparing to leave Summer Bay. The same episode also sees the continued deterioration of Kat and Ash?s relationship, and the start of a restaurant war between Chris and Brody.


Olivia deals with the effects of Irene’s kidnapping.

The following episode, meanwhile, builds on the tension between Chris and Brody and Kat and Ash. But taking center stage is Evelyn and how she is unsuccessfully coping with the losses that she has endured so far in the previous episodes. Aside from losing Oscar and Hannah in the caravan park explosion, she has also lost Josh, who has decided to go on the lam with his brother Andy than face jail time.

On the other hand, viewers in the UK will get to see the terrifying kidnapping ordeal that Irene is going through. The kidnapper, revealed to be named Mick, at one point tries to kidnap Olivia as well. But his failure unhinges him even further, and he ?drags Irene through farmland, he vows to make her pay for every sorry second of his life. Is this the end of the line for a traumatised Irene??

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