Home and Away 2016 Spoilers: Plane Crash Death Revealed? Billie Dead?

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Home and Away 2016 spoilers always end up shocking its loyal viewers, and this one is no different. Having left viewers in Australia with a cliffhanger that had them on tenterhooks over the course of the Rio Olympics, the long-running soap is now set to provide pay-off for it.

Just to recount, viewers saw Summer Bay residents Tori Morgan, Duncan Stewart, Nate Cooper, Leah Patterson-Baker, Billie Ashford, Irene Roberts, Evelyn ?Evie? McGuire and brothers Brody and Mason Morgan trapped in a plane that had apparently been sabotaged by Morgan family nemesis, Spike. Those left behind have been left to worry about whether any of them will survive.

But if the Daily Mail is correct, the question of who is still alive may not remain unanswered for long. According to the outlet, photos from the set show the character Phoebe Nicholson grieving over a memorial that had notes and pictures of character Billie Ashford and her boyfriend VJ Patterson.

The notes had messages like ?’Darling Billie, RIP beautiful girl. Surf life forever? and ?’Beautiful Billie. I’m going to miss your beautiful smiling face in the surf every day. Love Katie.? It all but marks the character for Billie Ashford for dead, even as the most recent episode shows her apparently surviving the crash.


New images from set make it appear like Billie Ashford is the next character to leave Home and Away.

If Billie is indeed set to die, she has had some very tragic storylines during the course of Home and Away 2016. The most recent of these has been her sexual assault and pregnancy. After being sexually assaulted in a gym by Irene?s estranged son, Mike, Billie finds herself with an unwanted pregnancy, which she tries to pin on her younger boyfriend, VJ.

Maintaining the lie took a lot out of Billie, who at one point ?tries to sneak into a hospital to try and change the conception date on her medical records and gets caught doing so. The pressure has even resulted in her jilting VJ at their wedding. That said, things seemed to have been turning around, with Billie writing VJ a letter containing the truth about her pregnancy.

Is this death a shock to you? Do you think the loss of Billie will be a blog to the show? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!
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