Home and Away 2016 Spoilers: Nate And Tori In Danger From Mystery Man

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Home and Away 2016 spoilers are always sure to create some buzz, and this latest one will definitely pique the interest of Home and Away viewers, whether in Australia, the United Kingdom, or anywhere else in the world. In upcoming episodes to air in Australia, two characters? growing closeness will be threatened by the appearance of a mystery man.

According to Digital Spy, Tori and Nate?s blossoming friendship is going to be challenged when Nate becomes the target of the mysterious villain, Spike. When Nate collapses, Tori notices that he has needle marks on his arms. When the toxicology report reveals that Nate has been taking drugs, Tori believes that it was someone else who did this as she knows Nate would not take drugs on his own.

A review of the CCTV footage reveals that the man who had injected the drugs into Nate is the mysterious villain, Spike, who is connected to the Morgan family?s past. The Morgans have been hiding a secret about their family, which is set to be revealed to Australian viewers in the episode that airs tonight. This secret comes out because of young Morgan sibling Mason, who ends up revealing their secret to his ex-girlfriend, Lara.

This discovery prompts Tori and her family to start preparations to leave Summer Bay, but all of this is cut short when Spike attacks Tori and holds her hostage. And Tori should definitely be worried, as Digital Spy quotes Penny McMamee, who plays Tori, saying ?She knows there are people out there wanting to hurt her. But this is the first time she has been physically assaulted and held hostage. It’s a terrifying ordeal. She has a real fear this guy is going to kill her.”

Of course, while Australian viewers are steeling themselves for this development, Digital Spy reports that UK viewers will be watching Maddy grapple with the consequences of running away from home. Still not fully recovered from the amputation that was the result of the caravan park explosion, Maddy finds herself alone in a motel while suffering a potentially fatal MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) infection.

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