Home and Away 2016 Spoilers: The Morgans Are Not What They Seem!

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Home and Away 2016 spoilers are coming fast and furious this week, and yesterday?s episode gave Australian viewers insight that viewers in the United Kingdom will only find out several weeks down the line. Last night, viewers in Australia finally found out what the Morgan family is hiding.

While we already know that Mason spilled the family secrets to his ex-girlfriend Lara, we never really get to find out what that secret actually is. Digital Spy reports that yesterday?s episode finally reveals that detail. The secret that the Morgan family has been hiding is that they?re under the witness protection program — and that they?re living under an assumed name.

How they came to be under the witness protection program, as well as who the Morgans really are, is something that viewers will still have to look out for. However, we do know that the people around them will be put in danger because of this secret. For instance, Nate will end up drugged by a mysterious man named Spike because of his association with Tori. Even Tori herself will be abducted and held hostage.

While Australian viewers are grappling with those revelations, viewers in the UK are still dealing with the fallout from the caravan park explosion. As Digital Spy reports, Maddy?s decision to run away puts her in danger of succumbing to a potentially fatal MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) infection, and it?s only Evelyn?s quick thinking that gets Matt, Roo and Alf bursting into Maddy?s motel room to rescue her.

As Maddy resolves to learn to live with her disability after her rescue, she gets an offer from Tanya to move back into the city so she can be cared for by her family while she goes through rehab. This devastates Matt, especially when Maddy admits that she?s thinking about it.

Meanwhile, Tank finally admits to Skye that he has been only covering up for Andy with regards to the caravan park explosion. While Tank asks her to keep quiet about this, Skye can?t help herself and reveals this new information to Josh and Evie.

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