Home and Away 2016 Spoilers: Morgan Family Secret Revealed?

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Yet another batch of Home and Away 2016 spoilers await fans of the long-running Australian soap. Most Australian viewers have already met the Morgan family, and are well aware that they come with ?something to hide.? In fact, one member of the Morgan family has already figured in a major event in Summer Bay — James Morgan is in the same boat when Alf Stewart suffers a heart attack. And now, it looks like upcoming episodes will reveal what it is exactly that the Morgans are hiding.

According to Digital Spy, the Morgan?s family secret is set to be revealed in an ?explosive upcoming storyline? that pushes one of the Morgan?s to tell the truth. The secrecy first begins to unravel when Tori befriends Nate and eventually ends up confiding to the heartbroken doctor that their parents are dead. This worries eldest Morgan, Justin, who fears that Nate is going to ask even more questions.

But as it turns out, it should have been his brother Mason that Justin should have been worried about as it turns out he?s the one who spills the family secret. When Mason?s ex-girlfriend Lara shows up in Summer Bay, he ends up revealing the truth to her in an attempt to establish a connection with her once more.

Yet another development Home and Away fans are about to see is Andy Barrett?s descent back into his criminal life. Andy finds himself charged after inadvertently causing the caravan park explosion, and would have ended up facing jail time if his friend Ash had not set up his own garage as security for Andy?s bail. However, Andy doesn?t exactly distance himself from trouble afterwards.

According to Digital Spy, ?Although a grateful Andy promised that he would stay out of trouble following his bail release, he finds himself reconnecting with with an old acquaintance once Ash’s back is turned. Andy’s criminal pal wants to use the garage as a base for his dodgy dealings, but they are later caught in the act by newcomer Justin Morgan.?

What exactly is the Morgan?s secret? Will Andy end up in jail because of his actions? Keep it here for more Home and Away 2016 spoilers, news, and updates!

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