Home and Away 2016 Spoilers: Maddy’s Struggles, And A Dylan-Kat Showdown!

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For Australian viewers of Home and Away 2016, the repercussions of the caravan park explosion are no longer a mystery — they?ve seen Roo overdose because of Maddy?s decision to leave, and are well on their way to seeing some sort of resolution to the Charlotte King murder.

However, viewers in the United Kingdom are still playing catch-up. In episodes that are set to air in a couple of days, UK viewers will see Maddy struggle with a painful decision, as well as the resolution of the long-brewing confrontation between Dylan and Kat.

Digital Spy reports that Maddy will have to make the painful decision on whether to have her arm amputated — part of the aftermath of the caravan park explosion. Understandably, Maddy refuses to undergo the operation, despite the fact that not doing so could result in her death. While Roo eventually convinces her to undergo the operation, Maddy confesses to Matt that she doesn?t know if he?ll stay with her after she loses her arm. Matt assures her that she will.

Meanwhile, the simmering tension between Dylan, Kat, and Ash bubbles over as Dylan kidnaps Ash with the intention of luring Kat to him. Digital Spy notes that an upcoming episode sees Dylan blaming Ash from his removal from the police force, and claiming that Ash turned Kat ?against Dylan because he wanted her for himself.? Ash retorts that he and Kat wouldn?t have gotten close to each other if not for his actions. Dylan then messages Kat using Ash?s phone, asking her to meet him for a final showdown.

Other events that happened during the episode include Tank confessing his role in the caravan park explosion to Skye, Olivia?s growing concern about the missing Irene, and Billie receiving the shocking news that she is 10 days pregnant.

All of these, of course, will spiral towards some shocking scenes down the line — Billie jilting VJ at their wedding, Maddy?s departure, and the revelation that Irene is undergoing a tortuous kidnapping ordeal. The Bitbag will keep you posted on any new Home and Away 2016 spoilers, news, and updates that arrive!

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