Home and Away 2016 Spoilers: Billie Reveals All; Duncan Returns!

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Here?s some Home and Away 2016 spoilers for fans in Australia and in the United Kingdom. Upcoming episodes will see Billie finally reveal the truth about her pregnancy to VJ, as well as the return of a character who has been gone from Summer Bay since 2005.

Viewers who have been following ?Home and Away? the past few months know that Billie has been keeping a huge secret from her younger boyfriend, VJ. For most of the episodes, Billie has been saying that her child is VJ?s, when her pregnancy is actually due to a sexual assault. Now, episodes set to air in Australia next week will see Billie fessing up and admitting the truth.

According to Digital Spy, the upcoming episode will build on the current difficulties they?re already facing in the episodes that have aired. VJ has been thrown out of the house he shares with Billie and her housemates, but this separation turns out to be more than the pair can bear.

During their time apart, Billie has had time to think about things, and a conversation with VJ?s mom finally convinces her to tell VJ the truth. She does this in a letter, and she has also made plans to leave Summer Bay behind. This may not actually happen, as there have been scenes shot showing Billie jilting VJ at their wedding.


VJ Patterson is set to find out the truth about Billie’s pregnancy.

Digital Spy also reports on the reappearance of Duncan Stewart, Alf?s son who was last seen in the 2005 season of ?Home and Away.? As Alf and his son parted in less than ideal circumstances, the reunion isn?t expected to be a happy one.

Drawn back to Summer Bay because of Alf?s recent health scare, Duncan is also working to repair that damaged relationship by opening up to his father about an incident involving his wife. And that revelation comes with yet another one: Duncan is also now the father of a five-year-old son.

Will VJ and Billie?s relationship ever find any sure footing? Will the revelation of Duncan?s son prove a blessing or a curse to Duncan?s relationship with his father Alf? Keep it here to find out more ?Home and Away? 2016 spoilers, news, and updates!

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