Home and Away 2016: Roo Reveals She Needs Help

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Home and Away 2016 is still reeling from the aftermath of the caravan park explosion, whether you?re seeing it in the United Kingdom or in its native Australia. And in the coming week, yet another resident of Summer Bay will work through the damage wrought by the tragedy.

In an episode set to air Friday next week in the UK, Roo comes to terms with what Maddy?s departure from Summer Bay has done to her. The rest of the Home and Away crew will also see Hunter?s reaction to Andy?s sudden admission that he killed Charlotte King.

According to Digital Spy, Roo is finally confronted about her recent overdose. When Alf confronts her about her continued pill use, she initially denies it, even after Matt calls her out on her lie. However, she does finally relent, and does admit to both Alf and Matt that she has had difficulty coping with Maddy?s departure. Matt moves back in with her to help.

While all of this is happening, Hunter finds out from a journalist about Andy confessing to the murder of his mother, Charlotte. While the episode doesn?t reveal how Hunter reacts, episodes that have aired in Australia do reveal that he ends up stabbing Andy.


Hunter will work through the implications of Andy’s confession,

Viewers in the UK will also get to see a coda to the whole Skye-Tank saga as Skye makes an appearance in John?s home after running away to be with Tank. Unfortunately, it?s not to stay. As Digital Spy puts it, ?John asks her to reconsider, but Skye is adamant this is the life she wants. She’s mature about it, thanking John for everything he’s done for her and for teaching her to stand up for herself again.?

The episode will also show Olivia beginning to suspect that something has gone terribly wrong with Irene, and that she may be in danger that nobody else realizes. Chris dismisses her concerns, but Olivia believes that something needs to be done.

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