Home and Away 2016: Ricky’s Marriage Dies, Maddy Says Her Goodbyes!

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Home and Away 2016 viewers in the United Kingdom may be behind a few weeks when it comes to the events of Summer Bay, but that doesn?t mean the ups and downs its residents go through lose their emotional impact. In episodes coming next week, UK viewers will see a relationship disintegrate and a beloved character say goodbye.

Ricky?s marriage had started out rocky, and has continuously shown itself to be precarious at best. And now, yet another setback has hit Nate and Ricky, and it looks like it?s going to finally be the thing that Ricky can?t stand.

According to Digital Spy, while Ricky and Nate are resolved to fix their marital woes through marriage counselling, circumstances just don?t seem to work in the couple?s favor. While Nate agrees to go to counselling, Ricky still doubts his commitment to making this marriage work. Her fears are further magnified when Nate?s busy schedule at the hospital prevents him from attending a counselling session.

While initially defensive of the state of their relationship, Nate?s absence prompts a breakdown from Ricky, who admits that she feels like Nate isn?t even trying and that this marriage is practically over.


The residents of Summer Bay continue to live through ups and downs in their lives.

Meanwhile, Maddy is yet another casualty of the disastrous caravan park explosion. While Maddy was able to survive the explosion, she did not emerge from it completely unscathed, having had to have her arm amputated so she would not die. While her initial horror at her situation has now turned to acceptance, it has also led her to decide to head into the city to get the care and therapy that she needs.

Digital Spy reports that episodes to be shown next week in the UK will show Maddy saying her goodbyes to her Summer Bay family, as well as set the stage for its repercussions on the people close to her. Roo, for instance, is grief-stricken by Maddy?s impending departure, which will lead to her overdose in a future episode.

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