Home and Away 2016: Ricky and Nate’s Marital Woes Take Center Stage

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Home and Away 2016 viewers in Australia are already girding their loins for the coming trials and tribulations that the Hunter-Olivia and VJ-Billie pairings are about to face, but while they?re preparing for that, viewers in the United Kingdom are still working their way through the ups and downs of Ricky and Nate?s troubled marriage.

In episodes set to air in the UK in the coming week, Ricky and Nate continue to grapple with the implications of Ricky?s hysterectomy. The operation has been a sore point between the couple since it happened, and an uncomfortable house viewing finally forces the couple to talk about the issue. Ricky is afraid that her inability to have kids will force an even bigger rift between her and Nate, and Nate does his best to assure her that it won?t.

While it looks like that issue has been resolved, Nate is immediately made insecure by an encounter he has with Phoebe. Phoebe is happy that Nate and Ricky?s relationship looks to be back on track, but Nate is thrown off-kilter again when he spies a text from Ricky to Phoebe asking her not to tell Nate what she said.

What she said turns out to be an admission that she thinks her marriage with Nate is on the rocks, which prompts another confrontation between the couple. Ricky assures Nate that she wants this marriage to work, and her assurances bring some stability to the rickety relationship.


VJ and Ash confront each other.

Of course, while all of this is happening, other plotlines are brewing in the background — ones whose effects are already known to Australian Home and Away viewers. As Ricky and Nate work on their marriage, Billie?s pregnancy is revealed to a surprised Ash. Ash confronts Billie about this, asking if the child is VJ?s. Billie says it is, even if the truth is that the child is a result of her sexual assault.

UK viewers looking to find out the resolutions to these conflicts will have to wait for the episodes to come in the following weeks. But if you don?t mind some Home and Away 2016 spoilers, news, and updates, keep it here on The Bitbag!

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