Home and Away 2016: A Ricky-Brax Reunion In The UK; Olympic Cliffhangers In Oz!

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Home and Away 2016 is about to go on a two-week break next month in Australia to make way for the Olympics, and the production is making sure that viewers stick around after that break with a cliffhanger that builds on the new characters that have made their home in Summer Bay.

But while the Australian viewers of Home and Away work towards that cliffhanger, viewers in the United Kingdom will see the end of Ricky and Nate?s marriage in episodes that are set to air in the UK in the coming week.

According to Digital Spy, episodes airing in the UK starting next week will feature the return of Brax, Ricky?s ex-flame and current source of marital tension between her and Nate. While Ricky and Nate come to an agreement that their marriage isn?t going to be saved, Nate thinks Ricky is too stubborn to leave him for Brax, whom Nate feels is the one Ricky has loved all along.

Things take a surprising turn when Ricky ends up seeing Brax again, whom Nate has invited to goad Ricky towards making a decision. Brax reveals that the only reason he hasn?t made more of an effort to contact her before was because he thought she was in a happy marriage. Now, Brax wants Ricky to go away with him.


Brax has long been a source of marital tension between Ricky and Nate.

And as viewers in Australia probably already know, Ricky does end up choosing Brax in the following episode. Ricky is thankful for what Nate has done, and the pair leave to pursue a new life somewhere else. But as Digital Spy reports, this development is quickly overshadowed by Andy confessing to killing Charlotte King, which pushes Hunter to head to the prison and stab him.

While UK viewers are watching that drama unfold, Back to the Bay has put up the basic premise of the upcoming Olympic cliffhanger, set to air on August 4. According to the site: ?Justin and Phoebe make a breakthrough. Tabitha tries to keep Hunter and Olivia apart. Leah decides to go on the flight without Zac. Tori?s birthday flight takes off, but are they all in danger??

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