Home and Away 2016: More Plane Crash Speculations!

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Home and Away 2016 just came back after the Olympic break, and it is still unclear as to which one of the nine passengers of the doomed plane have survived to see another drama-filled day in the town of Summer Bay.

In the Home and Away episode shown today, viewers were witness to Summer Bay residents Tori Morgan, Duncan Stewart, Nate Cooper, Leah Patterson-Baker, Billie Ashford, Irene Roberts, Evelyn ?Evie? McGuire and brothers Brody and Mason Morgan trapped in a plane that had apparently been sabotaged by Morgan family nemesis, Spike. Those left behind have been left to worry about whether any of them will survive.

TheBitBag had speculated previously that Evie and the Morgan siblings might be the ones to say farewell to the show. The loss of the other members of his family would allow for deeper characterization for Justin Morgan, especially as the loss would be a heavy one for him, considering the Morgan family only recently started making their presence felt in Summer Bay. Evie?s recent losses — the most raw of which was Josh?s departure from Summer Bay — also made her a prime candidate.

However, Back to the Bay has recently posted episode synopses for episodes set to air in Australia in September, and one of them states that Justin and Tori ?argue over whether to loosen their own rules about relationships while in witness protection.? The coming week will even see Tori and Duncan?s romance being rekindled, which also saves Duncan from the possibly dead list.


Irene is one of the characters involved in the Home and Away 2016 plane crash.

Back to the Bay has also ?saved? Evie from the crash, as yet another synopsis on the site mentions that Evie will put her life in danger yet again as she spirals in her grief over Oscar, who died in the caravan park explosion.

With Tori, Evie, Duncan, Billie, and VJ on the safe list, the only remaining members of the doomed plane crash not accounted for are Nate, Leah, Irene, and the brothers Brody and Mason. The death of the Mason brothers would still provide deeper characterization not just for Justin, but also for Tori. Nate, who had just been abandoned by Ricky for Brax, also now seems like a likely candidate for death.

What do you think about these names? Are they likely to be the ones to die in the plane crash? Share you comments with us below!

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