Home and Away 2016: Plane Crash Death Confirmed By New Scenes! Who Died?

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Home and Away 2016 left its viewers with a plane crash cliffhanger before it took a break for the 2016 Rio Olympics, and since then followers of the long-running Australian soap have been left guessing as to which one of Summer Bay?s resident will bid goodbye to the show.

After all, it was quite a number of Summer Bay regulars that found themselves in a doomed plane that was sabotaged by Morgan family foe, Spike. What was meant to be a happy getaway has turned into a nightmare for Tori Morgan, Duncan Stewart, Nate Cooper, Leah Patterson-Baker, Billie Ashford, Irene Roberts, Evelyn ?Evie? McGuire and brothers Brody and Mason Morgan.

And according to the latest report from the Daily Mail, it has also proven to be the end of the line for the troubled Billie Ashford. The news outlet had previously reported that Billie?s friend Phoebe Nicholson had been spotted grieving at a memorial erected for her, and now scenes have been shot of Billie?s funeral.

At the memorial were Billie?s older brother, Ash; her younger boyfriend, VJ Patterson; VJ?s mother Leah; and Billie?s friend, Phoebe. The funeral also involved a surfboard, Billie?s portrait, and a flower arrangement, while Ash held an urn that probably had Billie?s ashes. VJ was also seen cradling a young child, which must be Billie?s child.


Billie was one of the Summer Bay residents caught in the tragic plane crash.

That child, of course, is the result of a sexual assault that has been the main meat of Billie?s storylines in the series. The pregnancy has been the cause of a lot of friction in Billie?s life. It has pushed her to jilt VJ at their wedding, and even an attempt on Billie?s part to doctor her medical records. Things seemed to be turning around for the pair, as Billie had written a letter telling VJ the truth, but the plane crash has ended all of that.

Currently, Phoebe is the only one that Billie has confided the truth about her pregnancy. Moving forward, will she tell VJ about the truth? Or will she let Billie?s go to the grave with her?

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