Home and Away 2016: Pia Miller Gets Love And Bonnie Sven Expresses Doubts

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Home and Away 2016 always has drama brewing for the residents of Summer Bay — a kidnapping one day, an abortion the next. But the drama isn?t always confined to the set. Recently, the show was subject to rumors that Pia Miller, the actress that plays policewoman Kat, was a diva on set. The channel that airs the show has denied these claims, and now Pia Miller?s co-stars are doing the same.

According to the Daily Mail, Pia Miller?s Home and Away 2016 co-star Philippa Northeast ?has also come to the defense of Pia Miller, saying the cast have given the actress reassurance that it is not true. The 21-year-old said there are no issues on set between Pia and the rest of the cast, despite reports saying the actress ruffles feathers on set.?

The media outlet further quotes Northeast as saying that the cast of the soap has reassured Miller that the rumors are untrue. Northeast also asserts that Miller ?knows that the media can run away with things that are fabricated, so she’s just being really sensible about it.? Northeast went on to assail the story, saying it was ?a really awful article to have put out about you and from a cast perspective it’s just completely untrue and no one knows where that came from.?

Digital Spy, on the other hand, reveals that recent Home and Away 2016 departure Bonnie Sven felt some apprehension about leaving the show. While Sven?s character Ricky Sharp can still be seen on UK screens, Australian viewers have already seen her leave Summer Bay with former lover Brax.

Digital Spy quotes Sven as saying that leaving Home and Away 2016 was like ?walking away from a relationship you’re still in love with?. While Sven had gotten over her apprehension and can now be seen playing a lead role in new drama The Secret Daughter, she says she has nothing but appreciation for her time on the show.

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