Home and Away 2016: Olivia And Hunter Get Intimate; Skye Leaves…For Good?

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While Home and Away 2016 viewers in Australia are gearing up for Billie finally revealing to VJ the true parentage of the child she?s carrying, viewers in the United Kingdom are seeing Hunter and Olivia?s relationship slowly recovering from her abortion, as well as Skye?s unexpected escape from Summer Bay.

As loyal followers of Home and Away in the United Kingdom know, Hunter and Olivia have just hurdled one of the bigger challenges of their relationship when they supported each other through Olivia?s abortion. They?ve been recovering from that decision in the past few episodes, and now they?re about to cross a milestone.

As reported by Digital Spy, ?a touching moment between Hunter and Olivia turns into a passionate one? when Olivia reveals to Hunter that she now feels ready to once again be intimate with him. Hunter is understandably apprehensive, but Olivia reassures him that she misses their intimacy. Pretty soon, a kiss they share becomes something much more passionate.

Also happening in the same episode is Tank and Skye brewing a plan to leave Summer Bay. While Tank was the only one intending to leave the Bay, Greg?s refusal to let Skye go with them ends with her impulsively running away with Tank instead.


Tank and Skye will leave Summer Bay.

An upcoming episode set to air in the UK the next week will see the repercussion of Skye and Tank?s decision, as well as the continuing disintegration of Ricky and Nate?s marriage. As Digital Spy reports, Skye and Tanks unexpected departure throws Skye?s friends into a tizzy, with Olivia being the most worried as she realizes that Skye had been saying goodbye to her the other day. Even her call to Skye can?t change her mind — it looks Skye would rather be by Tank?s side.

Meanwhile, Ricky and Nate?s troubled marriage only seems to be getting worse, as a card from Ricky?s former flame Brax unsettles her and starts another disagreement with Nate. While Nate thinks that Ricky has changed ever since Brax returned, Ricky insists that the problem has always been between the two of them.

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