Home and Away 2016: A New Morgan Introduced!

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Home and Away 2016 is set to have an eventful week in the United Kingdom as surprises and revelations take center stage in the upcoming episodes that are going to air in the UK. Will Summer Bay be able to handle the weight of all these?

In a Home and Away episode set to air on Wednesday of this week, the Morgan family finds themselves in the center of yet another dramatic plot that adds another layer to their already complicated lives. How will this new revelation affect all of them?

In a report by Digital Spy, the Morgan family are shaken by Brody?s recent discovery that Raffy, the daughter of their protector, Decker, is actually their half-sister. This revelation comes after an already stressful time for the Morgan family and Decker?s daughter, who had to endure Decker?s medical problems.

There isn?t a consensus among the Morgan siblings about what to do with this information. Justin can?t believe that Raffy is their half-sister, while Tori is taking a wait-and-see attitude before deciding on anything. Mason, on the other hand, tells Raffy that she has the Morgans as long as she needs them.


VJ surpises Billie with a proposal.

Eventually, Tori notices the same sparrow necklace that Brody did. And just like Brody, she comes to the realization that their mother also wore the same necklace. When she questions Raffy about the necklace, the girl reveals that it was given to her when she was a baby.

Despite having two of his siblings leaning towards the possibility of Raffy indeed being their half-sister, Justin refuses to do the same. He insists that the only way he?ll believe it is if there?s definite proof. This, in turn, prompts Tori to search the hospital?s database and find out that their mother did give birth to a girl in 2003. She tells Brody that they should get a DNA test to conclusively determine Raffy?s identity.

Meanwhile, while all of this is happening, VJ is celebrating his 18th birthday, and the happiness of the occasion has Billie declaring that she can?t imagine her life without VJ. However, she may end up regretting this when VJ takes her outside and proposes to her in the backyard.

What will happen to Raffy and the Morgans? Will Billie accept VJ?s proposal? Keep it here on TheBitBag for more Home and Away 2016 spoilers, news, and updates.

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