Home and Away 2016: The Morgans Make Their Presence Felt In Summer Bay!

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Tori is just one of the Morgans getting a highlight in upcoming episodes.

Home and Away 2016 viewers in the United Kingdom are in for a drama-filled August as the show draws the newly-arrived Morgan family deeper and deeper into the drama of the residents of Summer Bay.

In an episode set to air on the 1st and 2nd of August in the UK, members of the Morgan family find themselves involved in a health scare, a past relationship that has come back to haunt them, and scurrilous workplace gossip.

As reported by Back to the Bay, the August 1 episode of Home and Away in the UK will see Justin Morgan in a panic as 28-year show veteran, Alf, suffers a heart attack on the boat trip they take together. The heart attack turns out to be the symptom of a bigger ailment — a stroke. After Alf is resuscitated, doctors take him to an MRI.

The same episode will also see Tori, another member of the Morgan family, be the center of speculation after Ricky left Nate for Brax. A new addition to the hospital where Nate works, Tori is branded as the cause of the separation. While Nate does set the rumors straight, Tori seems intent to start them up again when she visits Nate with a bottle of wine and a shoulder to cry on.


Tori is just one of the Morgans getting a highlight in upcoming episodes.


Back to the Bay also reports that Home and Away?s August 2 episode in the UK will see the arrival of Mason?s ex-girlfriend, Lara. Mason, eager to get closer once again for an emotional connection with his former flame, will end up revealing the family secret: the family is part of the witness protection program and that they?ve been living under an assumed name.

The revelation will have far-reaching consequences, as episodes that have already aired in Australia reveal that Nate will end up drugged by a mysterious man named Spike, who is connected to the Morgan family?s past. Spike eventually attacks Tori and holds her hostage. Things are definitely getting even more dramatic at Summer Bay.

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