Home and Away 2016: Marilyn Returns And Irene’s Terrifying Kidnapping!

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It may seem that the drama in Summer Bay has been concentrated on its younger residents — what with VJ getting jilted and Hunter stabbing Andy. But that doesn?t mean that the older residents of Summer Bay aren?t going their own challenges on Home and Away 2016. Alf?s going to have a heart attack in a future episode, and it looks like Marilyn and Irene are set to go through some drama as well.

According to Digital Spy, both Marilyn and Irene will be the focus of upcoming storylines in Home and Away 2016. Digital Spy reports that ?In scenes airing in the UK next week, Irene will be confronted by an unhinged man claiming to be her long-lost son, before disappearing off the face of the earth.?

However, viewers in Australia will already get to see her fate in episodes that are going to air by the end of the month. It appears that Irene did end up being kidnapped by the same unhinged man, who is revealed to be named Mick. When Mick tries and fails to kidnap Olivia after hearing her talk about Irene with Chris and Kat, he ?drags Irene through farmland, he vows to make her pay for every sorry second of his life. Is this the end of the line for a traumatised Irene??

Australian viewers are also set to witness the return of Marilyn, according to Digital Spy. In the show, Marilyn left Summer Bay and her husband John to travel. This was to allow the actress portraying her, Emily Symons, to take a six-month maternity leave. Upon her return, John seeks to rekindle their old love, but it appears that it won?t be as easy as he thinks.

Digital Spy quotes Symons saying this about John: ?He thought they could pick up just where they left off. But the dynamic between them has changed. She has come back more sophisticated and John is left feeling very parochial.”

Will Irene survive the ordeal, or will this mark another character leaving Summer Bay? What lies in the future for Marilyn and John? Keep it here for more Home and Away 2016 spoilers, news, and updates.

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