Home and Away 2016: John and Marilyn Face Health Issues!

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Home and Away 2016 is no stranger to health problems, and it looks like yet another medical emergency is set to hit Summer Bay. Which of the Summer Bay residents will it be this time around? And how will this complicate the already complicated lives of the Bay?s residents?

In Home and Away episodes set to air next week, the popular couple John and Marilyn look to be facing one medical crisis after another, ranging from brain injuries to burns. It?s yet another complication in the couple?s relationship, which has already weathered retrograde amnesia on Marilyn?s part.

According to Back to the Bay, the episode involves John hitting his head on the bottom of a boat after mistiming a jump over a railing. The boat trip was arranged by his wife Marilyn, who had meant to cheer him up as he is feeling down and missing a friend.

While Nate is able to come to the rescue and helps the couple out. However, he does advise John to have himself checked still. Unfortunately, John finds out that he may be hemorrhaging internally and could possibly die from the injury.


Alf has had more than one health scare on Home and Away 2016.

Marilyn isn?t in the clear either. While no harm is set to happen to the character in next week?s episodes, there have been photos of her with burn injuries on the left side of her body. Fans are already speculating, but the final answer will be known next year, when these scenes will probably be aired.

These injuries are of course just the latest set in the memorable health scares that have plagued Summer Bay. Alf, a 28-year veteran of the show, has already had numerous health scares. Hunter also suffered a tension pneumothorax while out on a date with Olivia. There have also been poisonings, stabbings, overdoses, and massive explosions that have surely taxed Summer Bay?s medical community.

How do you guys feel about the health scares popping up for the people of Summer Bay? How do you think these scares will change the dynamic between John and Marilyn? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below, and keep it here on TheBitBag for more Home and Away 2016 spoilers, news, and updates!

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