Home and Away 2016: Hunter-Olivia, VJ-Billie Join Broken Hearts Club?

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Home and Away 2016 is no stranger to heartbreaks, and upcoming episodes of the long-running Australian soap opera will see the relationships of the young residents of Summer Bay go through some tumultuous times.

As viewers who?ve been following the show already know, Olivia Richards and Hunter King?s relationship has seen its fair share of ups and downs. There?s been Olivia?s unexpected pregnancy and their own tortured decision to undergo an abortion. And while they?ve been able to rise above those challenges, it looks like the aftermath of the murder of Hunter?s mother, Charlotte, will finally be the straw to break the relationship?s back.

After Hunter reacts to Andy?s admission of killing Charlotte King — actually a cover-up for his brother Josh, the real killer — by stabbing him, Olivia begins to reconsider if this relationship is something that she wants to be in. With some urging from Marilyn and John?s foster son Jordan, Olivia lets slip her apprehensions about her relationship, and Hunter does not take it well and breaks up with her.

On similarly shaky relationship ground is VJ Patterson and Billie Ashford, who have themselves contended with a pregnancy and a rape ordeal that Billie is keeping secret from VJ. While that pregnancy is yet to be revealed to Home and Away viewers in the United Kingdom, the couple have already moved in together in the episodes being aired in Australia. However, the relationship hits a snag when VJ throws a wild party that forces Billie and her housemates to throw VJ out of the house.


VJ Patterson

However, this is most definitely just a blip in the couple?s relationship, as scenes have been shot showing the two of them preparing to get married. What should concern fans of this particular pairing is that it looks like Billie is going to end up jilting VJ at their own wedding. This is even after she?s meticulously maintained the fiction that VJ is the father of the baby that was the result of the sexual assault that she endured.

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