Home and Away 2016: Evie Blackmails Kat!

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Viewers of Home and Away 2016 in the United Kingdom are finally going to see a long-running storyline near its conclusion as the saga of who killed Charlotte King gets closer and closer to some form of resolution.

In an episode that?s set to air Friday next week, Home and Away viewers will see Evie trying her best to keep her fiance Josh out of jail, even resorting to some unsavory tactics. Long-running viewers of the Australian soap know that losing Josh would be yet another loss in Evie?s life.

According to Digital Spy, Friday?s episode will see Josh being confronted by Kat about his true role in the murder of Charlotte King. While Josh?s brother Andy confessed to the crime, Kat had already previously figured out that Josh killed Charlotte King. Kat wants Josh to admit to his role in Charlotte?s killing, but Josh rebuffs her, saying that she only wants him to do it so her role in covering up won?t be exposed.

Kat is finally able to change Josh?s mind when she tells him that Hunter stabbed Andy because of his confession. Before admitting the crime to another officer, however, Josh asks to meet Evie first, who is understandably not happy about it.


Olivia is getting worried about Irene in upcoming episodes.

Evie tells Josh not to do it, and accuses him of not loving her because if he did, he would not leave her alone like this. As she?s already lost two people to the caravan park explosion, Evie resorts to the underhanded tactic of blackmailing Kat about pressuring Josh to confess. Evie threatens to reveal Kat?s involvement in covering up Josh?s crime.

Aside from the ongoing storyline with Josh, Andy, Evie, and Kat, Friday?s episode will also push forward Irene?s storyline. Previous episodes have already hinted that Irene is in trouble, and the episode will see Olivia receive a picture message from Irene?s phone showing her tied up and scared. Olivia rushes to tell Kat about this, but then receives another picture message with the ominous warning that it is now ?Time to say goodbye?.

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