Home and Away 2016: Decker’s Life Hangs In The Balance!

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Home and Away 2016 sees the Morgan family once again get into trouble as they spend more and more days in Summer Bay. After surviving plane crashes and sustained harassment from the family nemesis, Spike, the family now have to deal with a medical emergency.

In Home and Away episodes airing in the United Kingdom this Friday, Tori Morgan has to work to save Decker?s life after her decision to take him off life support results in him going into respiratory arrest. Meanwhile, Matt struggles with the possibility that he may be developing feelings for Evie.

In a synopsis posted by Digital Spy, Friday?s episode jumps directly into the repercussions of Tori?s decision to take Decker off life support in the previous episode. Tori calls for a Code Blue and resuscitates Decker, but it has resulted in him having to go back to life support once more. His condition doesn?t show any sign of improving the next day, and Tori breaks the news to Raffy and Hope that their father may not wake up.

The possibility of Decker being in a perpetual vegetative state has implications for the Morgans, as well. Seeing as Decker has been their protector from Spike, both Brody and Justin decide that it may be time to call the Feds as they will be needing someone to look out for them. Tori manages to ask for another week before they do so, and as luck would have it, Decker begins to show signs of life!


Matt may be developing feelings for Evelyn on Home and Away 2016.

Elsewhere, Matt tries to lean in on the fiction that he and Evelyn are dating so as to teach Ellie a lesson, but it only ends up pushing Ellie further away when Matt and Evelyn share a kiss in front of her. Roo finally steps in and advises Matt to just treat Ellie with respect. The two come clean with each other and agree to a compromise. But while that is resolved, it doesn?t look like Matt?s feelings for Evelyn are.

Will a relationship end up happening between Matt and Evelyn? What lies in store for the Morgans now that it appears that Decker may wake up? Keep it here on TheBitBag for more Home and Away 2016 spoilers, news, and updates!

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