Home and Away 2016: Billie Back In The Hospital Again!

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Avid viewers in the United Kingdom of Home and Away 2016 are going to see Billie go through yet another medical emergency in the upcoming days, as the long-running Australian soap is set to go on its customary break in the United Kingdom (UK) from December 2 to January 9, 2017.

In episodes set to air in the latter parts of this week, Billie is rushed to the hospital once again as Nate threatens to reveal the secret surrounding her pregnancy to her fiance, VJ. While this is happening, the Morgans also face new complications with their life in Summer Bay.

Digital Spy relays all the events set to happen on Wednesday?s and Thursday?s Home and Away episodes in the UK. The storyline taking centerstage, of course, is the crumbling secrecy surrounding Billie?s pregnancy. As loyal viewers know, the baby Billie is carrying is the result of a sexual assault, and has been trying to pass it off as VJ?s baby.

However, a recent accident has led to Nate finding out the truth about Billie?s pregnancy, and the doctor has been persistent about having Billie tell the truth to VJ. However, Nate?s persistence has an unintended negative consequence as Billie ends up with high blood pressure and needs to be taken back to the hospital again.


Tori has to break bad news about Decker to Raffy and Hope.

Once he?s sure that Billie isn?t feigning an illness, Nate promises to not push her on telling VJ the truth. He does, however, warn her that the truth does have a way of coming out, one way or another.

While Billie sorts that out, Matt is dealing with Ellie, who has conspired to set him up with Evelyn so that he would leave Ellie alone. When both he and Evelyn discover what Ellie had planned for them, he starts to think of a way to get back at Ellie.

The Morgans, on the other hand, continue to grapple with the ramifications of taking Decker off of life support. Tori believe that he may have brain damage if it?s done, and breaks the sad news to Decker?s daughters Hope and Raffy. Rafft resolves to be there when the decision is done, impressing Tori. However, Decker immediately goes into respiratory arrest after being taken off the ventilator, prompting Tori to call for a Code Blue.

When will VJ learn the truth about Billie?s pregnancy? Will Decker survive? Keep it here on TheBitBag for more Home and Away 2016 spoilers, news, and updates!

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