Home and Away 2016: Andy’s Confession Shockwaves; Phoebe And Justin’s One-Night Stand

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Home and Away 2016 is on its way to a two week break for the Olympics in Australia, so it?s steadily building to a cliffhanger that?s sure to keep Australian viewers hungry to get back into the show after the break.

Home and Away viewers from the United Kingdom, on the other hand, are set to see the aftershocks of the revelation behind the Charlotte King murder, and what that means for the residents of Summer Bay.

In scenes set to air next week, Summer Bay reels from Andy?s admission that he killed Charlotte King, without knowing that it?s Andy?s way to cover up for the real killer — his brother, Josh. Kat knows the truth, and tries to dissuade Andy from taking the blame, but Digital Spy reports that Andy also confesses to killing Jake Pirovic.

While Josh considers turning himself in, he is stopped from doing so by Evie, who points out that even if he does confess to killing Charlotte King, Andy may still go to jail for confessing to killing Jake Pirovic. Having already lost Hannah and Oscar to the caravan park explosion, Evie cannot bear to lose her?fianc? as well.


Kat was the first person to find out the truth about Charlotte King’s murder.

The same episode also sees Phoebe first meet Justin — one of the mysterious Morgans that has made a new home in Summer Bay. The two engage in a one-night stand, and in the following episode coming next week for UK viewers, the pair try their best to act like it never happened.

As reported by Digital Spy, Phoebe tries to sneak out of Justin?s house after their one-night stand, but ends up bonding with Justin?s brother Brody instead. While Justin is surprised to still see her in the house, he is relieved that Phoebe wants to forget about their one-night stand as much as he does.

Meanwhile, Back To The Bay outlines the episode airing tomorrow for Australian viewers, where ?Ash tells Kat the truth about Justin?s investment in the garage. Duncan?s rift with Alf gets wider when he reveals a secret. Tori doesn?t see how she can trust Justin ever again.?

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