Home and Away 2016: Andy Faces Backlash, Ricky And Nate’s Marital Woes

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Home and Away 2016 viewers in the United Kingdom continue to witness the long-reaching effects of the caravan park explosion that has rocked the lives of so many in the town of Summer Bay. After mourning their dead, episodes set to air in the UK in the coming week will see people now looking to direct their anger towards those who caused the tragedy.

After admitting to his part in the caravan park explosion, Digital Spy reports that Andy gets out on bail — funded by Ash setting up his garage as security. However, Andy tries to further assuage the guilt he feels by deciding to share his role in the tragedy with the greater Summer Bay population. The first person he decides to do this with is Chris, who was in a relationship with Hannah, one of the casualties of the explosion.

At the same time, Kat has also shared Andy?s involvement in the tragedy with Leah, Alf, and Roo, and the trio decide to keep this information from Evelyn and Zac as they fear how they will react to this news. Leah?s attempt to share this decision with Andy is cut short when Chris lands a punch on him and continues on to assault him physically and verbally. Andy seems to think he deserves it as well, as he doesn?t fight back against the assault.

Meanwhile, Ricky and Nate?s marriage is entering even rockier territory, which doesn?t bode well considering how much drama had to happen just for them to get to their wedding. Digital Spy says that aside from dealing with Ricky being at the caravan park explosion herself, the wedded couple still have not come to terms with Ricky?s hysterectomy.

A counselling session reveals that Ricky thinks she and Nate have not talked about it enough, and she ?hates the fact that she’ll never have that biological connection with Nate, especially knowing how much he wanted to have kids.? Deepening the cracks in the union is Ricky?s refusal to follow the advice to communicate her feelings to Nate.

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