Home and Away 2016: Alf Is Critical And Josh Gets Arrested!

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Home and Away 2016 will see a 28-year show veteran take center stage in a couple of episodes in the coming week as the repercussion of his health scare while out on a boat with Justin Morgan is starting to be felt among the residents of Summer Bay.

In a Home and Away episode that airs Wednesday night in the United Kingdom, Alf?s family receives bad news about his health, after he suffers a heart attack in the two episodes that will air at the start of next week. Also set to happen in the coming week is the aftermath of Andy?s shocking murder confession.

According to Digital Spy, the episode airing this Wednesday will see Alf?s family witnessing him being resuscitated successfully by Nate and Tori. However, the two doctors notice something unusual in Alf?s vitals and immediately send him to have an MRI scan. It turns out that he needs to be put on life support, and the possibility looms that he may have to stay in a vegetative state indefinitely.

While there is a chance that Alf can still wake up, the neurological damage he?s suffered may result in him being a changed man after the experience. This devastates his family, especially Roo, who herself is only getting over Maddy?s departure.


Hunter loses his cool and ends up stabbing Andy.

While that drama occurs, Tori and Nate find themselves getting closer and closer. Despite being the subject of workplace rumors, Tori goes against her better judgement and shows up at Nate?s place with a bottle of wine. When she ends up asleep on Nate?s couch, he gives her a look that implies he may be starting to develop feelings for her.

Elsewhere, Andy is quite literally at the receiving end of Hunter?s anger due to his confessing to the murder of Charlotte King — a move done to cover up for his brother Josh, the real killer. At the police station, Hunter is unable to stop himself from reacting after he fails to elicit a reaction from Andy. Hunter reaches for a pair of scissors and stabs Andy, shocking everyone in the precinct.

The episode that follows after that immediately deals with those events, says Digital Spy. While Andy survives being stabbed by Hunter, it definitely does not absolve him or keep him safe from being charged, especially as the crime happened in a police station.

Josh, whose involvement in the Charlotte King murder is only known to a select few, also finds himself in trouble with the law for ?being an accessory after the fact to the murder of Jake Pirovic.? All of this, of course, is building up to Andy and Josh?s dramatic escape from Summer Bay.

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