Home And Away Spoilers: Interesting Turn Of Events Reveal Surprising Details About Charlotte, Other Details Also Revealed

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Looks like Home And Away is going to take an interesting turn in the upcoming episode. Policewoman Kat Chapman will be the next Summer Bay resident to bear the brunt of Charlotte King’s ruthless side.

According to Digital Spy, Charlotte has already murdered Denny Miller and run over Trystan, and Kat will be the next person to discover just how dangerous she really is. It is also reported that, Kat will find herself in the firing line when she becomes determined to prove that Charlotte was responsible for running over Trystan in her car.

Kat digs deeper to prove that Charlotte was responsible for running over Trystan.? Knowing that Kat is close of finding the truth, Charlotte decides to lace Kat?s drink, and steal her gun and handcuffs, reported Australia News Network. Kat later wakes in her patrol car with her belongings missing.

Meanwhile, Phoebe and Kyle say farewell to the twins with a touching memorial on the beach. Kat also tells Ricky that she does not have to keep her distance from Nate and that she knows nothing is going on, but Ricky feels horrible and wonders how she is going to make her feelings for him go away. Evelyn tells Tank that things are moving too fast and that she needs to take her studies more seriously, but he reads it as her breaking up with him, reports Radio Time.

However, Evelyn falls deeper for Tank when he opens up to her about his abusive father, principal Snelgrove, but Leah is concerned that he is not being truthful. Ricky sits through an uncomfortable lunch with Kat and Nate in an effort to prove that she only wants to be friends with him.

To watch the entire episode, tune into Network Seven on weekdays at 7 pm.

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