Hollywood Star HIV Positive Is Charlie Sheen? Actor To Confirm This Tuesday? Details Here!

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Hollywood HIV Positive Actor

For a week now, the whole of Hollywood drama revolved around the news that an A-list Hollywood actor is HIV positive ? and that he hasn?t informed any of his string of girlfriends about it.

We were able to gather a few clues on the identity of this actor, and all we know is that the most telling clue for our debonair culprit are the identities of his girlfriends. Although nameless as well, there are some descriptions given. Daily Mail shares some of them: The award-winning actress, the A-list movie star, the famous media personality, the celebrity with a troubled history, the TV show favorite, and the top glamour girl model. All these women, got into a relationship with our Cassanova without any knowledge that he is HIV-positive.

His relationship is telling of his womanizing ways ? a fact that should worry his prominent circle.

Apart from the women, some people are pointing to someone whose antics has got him into trouble before. Although there are no specific clues, some reliable sources are saying that his controversial problems are drug-related. Which makes it understandable why he seems to be nonchalant about spreading his disease. This behavior is total opposite of the fact that his condition is affecting his career and he remains mum about his condition so as not to affect his chosen profession.

Netizens have started guessing who our A-lister actor is and one of the clues that circulate the net is that he is from a family of celebrities as well, whose father is lauded for his unforgettable films.

Charlie Sheen Is HIV Positive?

Amidst the guessing game, it seems only one name resounded among others: Charlie Sheen. Fans have been continuously guessing on whom the HIV positive actor is and with all the talks about sex and ex-girlfriends, there?s no reason for people to guess that Charlie Sheen might be the rumored actor with HIV. Users on Twitter have been clearly betting that Sheen is a likely candidate in being the culprit of this rumor mill but we still need to wait.

Some of the reasons behind the speculations include Sheen?s much-publicized romance with various personalities, not to mention his antics that have definitely been labeled controversial (remember his bed scene with Lindsay Lohan?). Still, these are all speculations, and no confirmation has been revealed about the real identity of the A-list actor.

And today, more telling clues surface as Sheen is about to give an exclusive and live, in-studio interview with Today‘s Matt Lauer in Studio 1A Tuesday according to E! Online. A press release issued Monday said the 50-year-old actor “will make a revealing personal announcement.”

E! Also stated that they have ?two sources? that confirm the actor is indeed HIV Positive.

So do you think Charlie is the man behind the rumor? Let?s find out what he has to say after the interview in this link.

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