Hollywood HIV Positive Actor Identified? Why Does Charlie Sheen’s Name Keep On Popping Up?

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A famous Hollywood actor has been making rounds in the internet, allegedly being HIV positive for years and isn?t planning to say anything to his former partners anytime soon. Hollywood gossip is on the roof and people just can?t wait to see who the actor is. But according to Scottish TV star Lorraine Kelly, the actor ?shouldn?t feel pressurized into some sort of confession? and instead could use his position of fame ?to promote awareness and sex education,? according to Mirror.

?I do realize that there is still prejudice out there and completely understand if HIV sufferers want to keep their condition to themselves. That is their choice,? Kelly said in her column. ?I do, however, happen to think that this actor is lucky because not only does he have the best possible treatment that will prolong his life, he was also diagnosed at a time when people are better informed and have stopped being terrified by the disease.?

Hollywood actor is Charlie Sheen?

Fans have been continuously guessing on whom the HIV positive actor is and with all the talks about sex and ex-girlfriends, there?s no reason for people to guess that Charlie Sheen might be the rumored actor with HIV. Users on Twitter have been clearly betting that Charlie Sheen is a likely candidate in being the culprit of this rumor mill but we still need to wait.

Some of the reasons behind the speculations include Sheen?s much-publicized romance with various personalities, not to mention his antics that have definitely been labeled controversial (remember his bed scene with Lindsay Lohan?). Still, these are all speculations, and no confirmation has been revealed about the real identity of the A-list actor.

?It would be incredible of this famous man were to devote some of his money, but more especially his time, energy and fame into raising awareness for them,? according to Kelly. ?He could promote safe sex education and campaign for giant pharmaceutical companies to reduce the cost of drugs to Africa. That would be an incredible legacy.?

And according to previous reports, if the actor reveals his identity, and could re-define his career as well as receiving numerous potential lawsuits from former partners. ?Lots of people close to him have suggested he face this situation head-on and own it publicly,? a source from The Sun said. ?Obviously it would be a huge story, but the reality is HIV is entirely treatable in this day and age and shouldn?t impact his ability to work or lead a normal life.?

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