Hold On To Your Minis: The Original iPad Mini Pulled Out from Apple Stores

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The iPad Mini was pulled out from Apple Stores recently.

Another Apple product just reached the end of its era when the original iPad Mini quietly made its exit from the Apple Store last week. To date, only iPads and iPad Minis with 64-bit Apple-designed CPUs and high-resolution Retina displays are being offered in Apple stores and in the Apple website.

Apple earlier hinted of the pullout when it was revealed that the soon-to-be-launched iOS 9 can’t be supported by the original mini.

The original iPad Mini is considered one of the most popular with a friendly $249 starting price ? the most affordable in all of the tech giant?s tablets. It was definitely the item to consider for those on the lookout for a decent, budget-friendly tablet.

Since its launch in October 2012, almost 60 percent of Apple?s iPad deliveries were made up of the tablet variant. The sales however, took a nosedive last year, with less than 20 percent of sales reported.

Rumors of a possible launch of the iPad Mini 4 is now being speculated, comparing the pullout to the discontinuation of iPad 2 which was immediately followed by the introduction of the iPad 4.

Today, the lowest-priced iPad Mini is tagged at $299.

Apart from the Mini, Apple seems to be gearing up for new product intriductions, including the Apple Watch 2. Currently, the Apple Watch?s first batch of backlog has already been addressed and are now readily available in most stores.

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