Hohokum: A Unique, Gorgeous And Ridiculously Cute Game That will Launch On August 13 For PS Vita, PS3 And PS4

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For those who are looking for a unique, gorgeous, and ridiculously cute game, you would be interested to know that Hohokum may just be what you are looking for. Even if the scheduled arrival and release of the cheerful Hohokum from Honeyslug is just a few weeks away, many are still trying to determine how the game should be classified.

Just a few days ago, the game got a new trailer, as a way to celebrate its upcoming launch date, which has been announced to take place on the 12th of August. It will be released the following day, August 13, in Europe. The new video from Honeyslug shows the game?s hermit-like star meditating. Aside from this, the character that will be controlled by players, in the form of the the squiggly and flying worm can also be seen in the clip.

Basically, the video clip for the game, which is again, starred by this “crazy lovable hermit guy,” lets players become more educated on what they can expect in this adventure title that is just mere weeks away from its scheduled release.

Hohokum was designed and created by artist Richard Hogg. It was initially an IGF finalist (2011) before the Sony Santa Monica department started working with the artist and Honeyslug back in May of 2013, with the goal of bringing the game to reality via the various PlayStation platforms.

The game will also come with the Cross-Buy feature, which means that gamers who own the Sony PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 can access the game for the price of $14.99.

Hohokum is included in the PlayStation Store Play event that the monolithic company announced just a few days ago. In this program, players who have chosen to get 4 games this coming August will be getting a $10 worth of in-store credit.

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