HIV Cure in 2nd Baby

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HIV Cure in 2nd Baby


When a first baby was cured of HIV because of early treatment, many had doubts if the success was just a lucky accident.

With the apparent healing of a second baby, many are hopeful that a possible cure has been found for HIV infected infants that can get treatment at a very early age.

The 2nd Baby, who received treatment in just 4 hours after being born, now sees her HIV infection in remission and doctors are hopeful that she will eventually be cured of the disease.

In a conference on AIDS held in Boston, doctors revealed that a female born last April 2013 in Los Angeles, California was immediately given treatment for the HIV virus. This baby was born just a month after the case of the 1st Baby, who was born in Mississippi, was announced to the public.

The case last year was a first for the medical community and it prodded physicians worldwide to re-evaluate the urgency and treatment methods of babies with HIV.

The doctors in LA, California obviously had this in mind when they administered the early treatment to this ?2nd Baby?.

The 1st Baby (Mississippi) is now at the age of 3 years and six months (approximately) and appears to be free of the HIV virus. This fact is even more significant as the baby has not received any treatment for the past 2 years.

The 2nd Baby (Los Angeles) is still receiving medicine for HIV / AIDS so it is still unclear if the remission will be as successful.

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A barrage of tests conducted multiple times on the 2nd Baby showed that she is totally clear of the HIV virus. The lead physician who conducted the tests, Dr. Deborah Persaud of Johns Hopkins University, shared that the indicators seen in the 2nd Baby are different from those observed with other HIV patients whose ailments are merely controlled by medication.

A specialist in medical infectious diseases at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA, Dr. Yvonne Bryson, says that ? We don’t know if the baby is in remission but it looks like that.?

Although Bryson is careful about saying that the 2nd Baby is definitely cured, she adds that ?but that’s obviously our hope.?

In the United Sates, most pregnant women who are infected with HIV get medicine for AIDS to hopefully limit the transmission of the virus to the unborn child. In the case of the 1st Baby (Mississippi), the mother received no such medication and her HIV infection was only discovered when she was already in labor. This prompted the doctors to treat the infant thirty hours after being born even if the baby had not yet been tested for the virus.

At the Miller Children’s Hospital, Long Beach, where the 2nd baby (LA) was born, the doctors knew of the condition of the mother. They were also aware that the mother was not taking her HIV medication.

The doctors gave the mother drugs for AIDS when she went into labor to limit the transfer of the virus to the ?2nd Baby? and immediately administered treatment to the infant after birth. When the 2nd Baby was tested later, she was found to have the infection.

A year later, it appears that she has managed to defeat the HIV virus.


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