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Hitman Reviews: Agent 47’s Return Feels Dated?

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Hitman Reviews

As the game has just been released, Hitman reviews are obviously something to look forward to this weekend. Hitman will be released in seven episodes, and one of them is now available for players.

Just like previous games in the franchise, the new game centers on the same elite assassin who is known as the perfect killing machine. Hitman reviews suggest that the first episode is convincing, but there?s no element of surprise in the game. It reportedly seems like the gameplay mechanics were recycled. The game also lacks new features and the character looks dated.

During missions, the tasks assigned to Agent 47 can be really challenging for players. After completing the first three missions, your work is not finished. You?ll need to complete escalation missions that will bring you new challenges and new targets.

Hitman allows you to choose your disguise and the weapons that you?ll bring for a kill. Players can also create their own contracts where they can control the objectives and gameplay conditions. The Hitman reviews found on Metacritic suggest that the game gives players greater flexibility in missions. Players simply need to mark targets, enter a location, kill the enemies and successfully come out of danger.

Since Hitman is now episodic and only the first episode is available, there are obviously limitations in the game. The game doesn?t give you the chance to walk away from a mission; Hitman players are bound to stick to the campaign. The reviews on the gameplay state that the title delivers new opportunities to players, but once you go through the first few missions, Hitman almost becomes a puzzle-solving game.

The story of this latest Hitman game feels weak as reported by critics. Nonetheless, what makes the game more special is the quality of missions delivered by IO Interactive.

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