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Hitman is set for release on March 11, Friday. Square Enix has announced the action-adventure stealth video game will roll out seven episodes through separate release dates, although the company has only announced the first episode launching this weekend.

The good news is, according to, if you?re purchasing the ?Full Experience? pack–all seven episodes will be made accessible as they launch–you save ?15 than if you buy all episodes separately. Individually, you need to get the ?Intro Pack? for ?11.99 with each episode costing ?7.99. Earlier, it was reported that only six episodes would be launched, according to Christian Today.

The Friday rollout will feature a Paris map and the series? prologue, plus new weapons and outfit, and will be made available to PS4, Xbox One, and PC players. Likewise, kill missions and tutorials will be included in the release. Square Enix has also announced that it will be delivering ?content drops every month? up to the season?s end. However, there?s no confirmation yet whether Hitman will have a new map download per episode rollout. In previous reports, Square Enix has hinted on possible locations in Morocco, Italy,Japan, Thailand, and the US.

Hitman brings Agent 47 back and tells the story of how he began his work for the Agency. Hitman has caused a stir in the gaming industry when the developer decided to break the full series into episodes. This, in light of the major attention The Division is getting recently. The release model that Hitman is using is patterned after the successful TV series launching, such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. In each episode, an overarching story is finalized and a new one is started for the next episode.

Will the Hitman gimmick be successful? Square Enix will find out in the coming weeks.

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