Hitman Release Date And Details Explained, New 47-Minute Gameplay Shown

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Developer IO Interactive has now clarified what we can expect from the new Hitman release date, although, the details given is quite confusing. The 2016 Hitman game will be officially releasing in March 11, but it will not have all content available at launch.

According to Eurogamer, there will be a full version? worth $59.99 which nets you all the content that will be made available at launch and the months after. The $34.99 version called the Intro Pack will only grant you to all content made available at launch and the entirety of March. If you want to upgrade your Intro Pack, you?ll have to shell out $29.99 more to get all the remaining content that is available in the full version. Here is the detailed list on what you?ll be getting for each version:

Full version: Everything available at launch and all new content released afterwards. You will also be granted access to the PS4 and PC hitman beta if you pre-order the game (Xbox One doesn?t have a beta).

Intro Pack: All content made available at launch. All Live Events and Contracts made available during March 2016.

So what?s included at launch? Three locations: Paris, Sapienza, and Marrakesh; six campaign missions; and around 800 targets for the contract mode feature.

What will IO Interactive release after March 2016? New locations: Thailand (April), US (May), Japan (June). Also to be included in the months after release are live content which includes?time-limited targets, weekly IO-made contracts, and ?promoted content? made by the community.

New Gameplay

A new gameplay walkthrough of the game was shown at EGX 2015, IB Times reported. You?ll see in the video below that the demonstrators took their time to showcase content from the game such as they allotted 47 minutes to showcase Agent 47?s game.

The demonstrators showcased how each play can turnout, the peculiarities of guards, different available playstyles, and how each play through can result in different outcomes, IB Times reported. There is also a question and answer portion in the video below.

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