Hitman GO: Exceptionally Designed Turn-Based Game

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Ever wondered how it feels to be an assassin?

Then Hitman GO is probably an app that you would want to download onto your Android device. The Hitman series has always been a hit among those who crave action games, which is possibly the reason why the developers came up with this variant that can be played on mobile devices.

Here?s a quick overview on the app.

App Description

The setting, background, and even the characters of Hitman GO are all modeled after a particular board game. It has a retro appeal to it, which many players have grown to like. You take on the role of an assassin known only as Agent 47.

You slide him around the board, one space at a time. While it is often categorized as a puzzle game, it comes with a few welcome additions in the form of strategic and planning elements. Timing is a crucial gameplay component here.


The uniqueness and interesting graphics are two of the major selling points of the game.

You play on miniature elevated platforms, with each one having a name plate and being surrounded by wooden frames. Agent 47 also looks like a small, plastic figurine.

All in all, the most apt way to describe the game is that it feels?dioramic.


In a nutshell, despite the obvious lack of extremely advanced graphics, Hitman GO, for us, is a winner.

It?s paid though, which is why many Android users often skip it. However, if you take into consideration the features that your $5 will get, such as unlocking all the available levels, you will see that spending this kind of money is definitely worth it. Even if you get stuck at certain levels, you should take it as a sign that it?s quite the puzzle game.

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