Hitman Go Comes To Android: Square Enix’ Popular Assassin Game Arrives To Google Play Store

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Game developer and publisher Square Enix, announced today that their mobile game Hitman Go is now available for Android devices via the Google Play Store. The game, initially launched on the iOS, is the mobile version of the console-based assassin game similarly called ?Hitman.?

Screenshots from the new Hitman Go for Android

Screenshots from the new Hitman Go for Android


Hitman Go is a diorama-style puzzle game developed by Square Enix Montreal. It’s largely based from the long-running Hitman game franchise, which is also among the most popular shooting and stealth game series in the market. This reputation even caught movie producers? attention and resulted in a 2007 film adaptation with a similar title.

The said console game is a series created by ?IO Interactive, a Danish video game company. It is currently available for the Windows PC as well as consoles like Xbox 360, GameCube, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3. Its popularity recently extended to the mobile platform in the form of the iOS-compatible Hitman Go released on April 2014.

The Android version of Hitman Go welcomes the game?s main character Agent 47 ? but this time he comes in a noticeably less animated version. This mobile game is strategy-based and manages to keep all the key game elements of its console-based predecessor. It now becomes more of a puzzle game where players need to cautiously maneuver the assassin through various stages, similar to a conventional board game. The main objective is to search for the most efficient method to kill a target while simultaneously remaining undetected by enemies.

Upon playing, users may find themselves in control of Agent 47. They should be able to move him around and take down enemies through various means. It may sound amazingly simple, but when players encounter heavily armed opponents, changing of clothes for stealth purposes, and distracting noises, the game may suddenly turn into a really challenging saga.

Hitman Go can now be downloaded from the Play Store for $ 4.99, the same price with the iOS version. Early birds who already have it and played a handful of levels found out that there are certain stages that took them several tries to complete.? In-app purchases are also offered for players who want to get an upper hand and advance to higher levels quicker.

The new Android game is showcased in this recently published video:


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