Hitman Game 2015 Release Date Moved, Will Also Affect Beta Launch, Players Have To Pay First!

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The New Hitman game was supposed to release this month, but it was then moved to next year.

Eidos? upcoming Hitman game was moved to a later date, so fans may have to wait a bit longer, as it is now moved to a March 11, 2016 release. Unfortunately this also affects the beta launch for the game as well. The schedule for the beta test of Hitman was now moved to February 19 for the PC, and here is another catch, to be able to try the beta, you must first preorder the game.

According to the announcement, the beta will feature a mission that is set twenty years in the past at an ICA training facility, the focuses on Agent 47 as how he was recruited to the ICA and where he will eventually meet his long-time handler, Diana Burnwood.

Interesting enough, Hitman will be launched in an episodic format, where the first pack called Hitman Intro Pack will feature three open world maps; France, Italy and Morocco and it will be priced at $34.99, this also includes six missions, 800 targets for the Contract mode and 40 signature kills, there will also be weekly events to add more content to the game.

Three more sandbox locations will be added in the following months, namely; Thailand, Japan and USA, this also includes more missions, you can also get the intro pack by spending an additional $29.99, or you can get all of the packs for $59.99 when you pre-order the game.

It seems that most developers are opting for episodic approach on their games as this give them more time to finish the development and still manage to launch even a partial of the game to the player. However this might be abused and force to make it as a standard format in releasing games, as this could also mean that games might become more expensive.

Hitman will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 11, 2016.

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